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There are many places to visit in Tallahassee, Florida, amongst which Mission San Luis makes the top of the list of places to visit in Florida. Therefore, in this blog, we will give a detailed account of Mission San Luis.

A visit to Mission San Luis takes you back to 1703. Your destination is a community where the Apalachee Indians and newcomers from Spain live together.

Hear the bells of the blacksmith's hammers, smell the traditional dishes cooked over an open fire, and stroll the squares where the Appalachians play their classic ball game. Experience the largest historical Indian building found in the Southeast and greet the patriarch at the church. Learn about a soldier's life at the fortress and discover 300-year-old artifacts unearthed on the site. Or enjoy the beautiful outdoors with a picnic lunch or a nature walk.

From 1656 to 1704, San Luis was the principal village of the Apalachees and the westernmost military, the religious and administrative capital of the Spaniards. Mission San Luis is one of more than 100 missionary settlements established in Spanish Florida between 1560 and 1690. It is home to more than 1,400 residents, including a powerful Apalachee chief and Spanish governor.

In recognition of its historical significance, San Luis received its designation as a National Historic Landmark in 1960. Today Mission San Luis is the only reconstructed Hispanic Mission in Florida. As a living history museum, it is dedicated to sharing the stories of former Apalachee and Spanish residents. More than three centuries ago, knowledge of life in San Luis came from in-depth archaeological and historical research — the site is the most thoroughly investigated Mission in the southeastern United States.

Archaeologists find Mission San Luis unique because, unlike in eastern Spain, some of its structures were quite remarkable due to the Mission's size. The Apalachee town hall, for example, was 140 feet in diameter and is believed to be the most prominent Indian structure in Florida's historical period. Directly opposite the village's plaza can be found the massive reconstructed mission church, with the adjoining monastery or monks' house serving the residents of Mission San Luis. One of them was rebuilt to allow visitors to see how early the Spanish residents of the Mission lived and worked.

Also on the complex grounds is the restored Fort San Luis, initially built in the 17th century by Spanish soldiers and Apalachee warriors to defend the Mission and its inhabitants.

However, Mission San Luis is open to the public for free with ID from Active-Duty Military.

If you want to explore Spanish history and experience some vintage vibe, then Mission San Luis is the best place for you to visit.

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